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About Me

So I'm Tyler (or Ty), and I am the strangest contradiction you will ever meet...until you break the surface.

I'm a volunteer EMT working on making a career. Trying to get my act together in school. I once was a musician. I once rode motocross. And at times I think I can write poetry. My hero is Robin Hood. And I'm 22. Think that's all the random facts...but don't be afraid to ask.

I'm the guy who will always try his best. His best to be kind, his best to be fair, and his best to be caring. And I am always willing to welcome new faces into my life. I give everyone a chance, don't ruin it. I am overprotective of those I love; because they mean the world to me. And I live by the words "Honor. Chivalry. Pride"; if you care to know more about my code I am always grateful for the chance to explain to honest ears.

I guess that's really about it. My ask is always open and messages are always appreciated.

*** And a special note to my followers who are going through a tough time, are victim of a disorder, or just want to talk; please message me. I don't give advice. I never will because it goes against what I believe. But I will always share the lessons I've learned if you ask. And if you don't want them, but want someone to talk at/with, I'm all eyes and ears. You have my word.

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  1. Islandcowgirl

    Sooo I know I talk about her all the time on here. But you guys should go check out her page. Definitely one of the coolest people I’ve ever gotten to talk to. Give her a shout! Besides, what could go wrong? Worse comes to worst you can just tell her I sent you. See followers? I’ve got your back. So you should take my word and check out her blog, or ya know, hit that kickass follow button. Thanks :)